Freedom or bondage-

I find myself as a grandmother viewing a generation that is loud on purpose, disrespectful and proud of it. Seems some believe the lie of no one can tell them what to do, that there are no walls, no boundaries. Believing that is freedom, but that type of freedom actually leads to bondage and hopelessness. Diminishing beliefs of values and principles. A life without a compass or morals is a city without walls; anything can go in and out. With such a militant way of thinking it will present chaos for any society. Can this really lead to freedom?
As parents, we set rules because it is in our children best interest to keep them from harm. God has given us his word, the bible. I heard someone says “I know the bible to be a believable value of truth.” The Bible is timeless. It has been tested, tried and found to be true. The bible is a source of strength and stability that will wrap around you and keep you safe. In the words of God, you will find true freedom. Try it.